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End-of-studies internship (TFE) - 3rd year End-of-studies internship


The Centrale Lyon engineer's training concludes with and is crowned by the end-of-studies internship (Travail de Fin d'Etudes or TFE). This is a big job, in which each student has to show him- or herself able to conduct a genuine study of the highest scientific, technical and methodological quality, in the field of activity of a young engineer. Thus it is as close a prefiguration as possible of exactly the tasks and missions liable to be conferred on one of our graduates entering the job market, and it involves a well-defined task.

Convincing results are required for graduation. This TFE internship is not for information purposes or intended as a mere introduction to the world of work...

The TFE internship extends over the whole of 3rd year, in direct relation to the Option chosen: part-time at first, and then full-time as of April. It concludes with a written report and oral presentation to a School jury.

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The End-of-studies internship comprises 4 stages:

 developing the topic, as part of the Option, as of the start of term and by January at the latest;

 documentary preparation, concluding with a bibliographic report, by end March;

 the performance phase, ending with the Report;

 the oral presentation.

The first two and the last phase take place by definition in the School, whereas the third may take place either in one of the School's research departments or units or, totally or partially, outside, in France or abroad, in an academic or a corporate setting.

The End-of-studies internship starts April 1st for a period of  5 months.

Topics are found and defined by the Options - whose industrial partners are a natural but non-exclusive wellspring of ideas. Students may apply directly to firms or labs, but any topic they thereby determine is to be settled by January 31 at the latest in agreement with the person in charge of the Option. Option officers also duly ask the School's departments for in-house topics. Whatever the site, then, all students are on TFE by January, so that the bibliography can be started in February at the latest.

The topic once chosen has to be approved by the Option officer, who also appoints a corporate tutor to supervise the work and a School correspondent to assess the bibliographic report and ensure that the work done meets Centrale Lyon objectives and the scientific quality required in particular. This School correspondent will be a permanent research-teaching, research or teaching staff member at Centrale Lyon, specialized in the appropriate area.

It is particularly recommended for the School correspondent and the corporate tutor - an engineer and/or research worker in the firm or lab - to keep in regular contact throughout, and especially on the student's request.

Any change in TFE site must be reported by the student to the School.


The internship report is presented orally in front of a jury comprising members of the Option pilot committee plus a coordinator (a Centrale Lyon teacher) chairing the jury, whose specialty is other than that of the Option. The School correspondent and the corporate tutor as well as the coordinator are part of the jury by definition. When absolutely unavoidable, the tutor may be stood in for by another person from the firm who knows about the report.

The Jury assesses and comments on the student's work according to 4 headings:

 quality of work, including bibliographic preparation;

 student's behavior;

 value of written report;

 value of oral presentation.

The report is to be submitted in duplicate one week ahead of presentation, failing which the presentation will be postponed.

The oral presentation involves:

 presentation of the work done in the internship (30 min)

 discussion with Jury (15 min)

The Jury deliberates in private, following the presentation.

The External Relations Dept can help the Options coordinate with firms, especially as regards welcoming them to the presentations.

During the months of the internship within the firm, the student comes under the provisions of the Agreement. He or she, however, still retains their student status and remains a student at Centrale Lyon. The TFE Agreement specifies the relationships between firm, School and student, with particular regard to confidentiality. All costs relating to the study and the report are incurred by the host entity, as are any costs involved in attending the presentation.


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