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Health and safety department

Address :
Ecole Centrale de Lyon 36 avenue Guy de Collongue F-69134 ECULLY Cedex


A health and safety engineer


The department is run by a safety engineer, who advises the School President on safety policy and strategy. The director ensures health and safety practices in the School, and draws up the annual report on action undertaken and the subsequent action program. Via a network of safety officers, he provides information on risks and on safety rules.

He runs the Health and Safety Committee, of which he acts as secretary, and also runs specific training modules. He ensures the monitoring and management of toxic waste.

In liaison with the technical services, he manages fire precautions and the regular safety checks in the School premises.

In liaison with the preventive medicine physician, the members of the Health and Safety Committee and the safety officers, he organizes inspection visits of the premises, during which he draws up a health and safety audit.

He makes himself available to staff to answer any questions arising with regard to health and safety.


(fire brigade,SAMU: ambulance service)
1- dial 018 on a fix, 112 on a mobile
2- give: 
the ETARE  code 10191
and the building number
3- Inform the reception lodge: dial 9


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