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General engineering

Objective : General engineer

Centrale Lyon trains general engineers, the future executive managers of the economic world.

Following a highly selective recruitment, this training - which places business in the very heart of its educational project - incorporates all of the scientific disciplines needed by an engineer, based on very high level research and especially deploying all of the new communication technologies.

This technical culture, which constitutes the Centrale Lyon graduate's core competence, is backed up by an opening onto human sciences, vital for any manger.

And, as the global economy stops at no border, Centrale Lyon also offers a wealth of opportunity to gain international experience, both on campus and via the links forged with prestigious universities worldwide.

A customized course

Each Centrale Lyon student plays an active part in his or her training.
They put the course together for themselves, selecting from a wide range of choices :
- teaching,
- internships,
- international experience,
- mobility in France and/or abroad,
- sabbatical year on internships or at an other university, etc ;
Throughout the course, they can alter the rhythm, going deeper into certain areas or opening up to others, so as to put their project together as they go along.
Choice becomes commitment: the student takes responsibility for his or her training, and makes the very most of it.

Theory and action

Totally different from what goes on in the classes préparatoires, the educational project at Centrale Lyon is founded on :
- A balance between individual and group work. While developing autonomy, the student learns to listen, prevent and manage conflict, communicate effectively, create dynamics - all skills which are vital for engineers.
- A balance between theoretical training and learning in action, as witnessed by the central role of practical work, internships and projects. The emphasis is firmly on the student's own active involvement and mutual interfacing between scientific fields in a transversal problem-solving approach.
- Learning through research, in the School's laboratories, in hands-on practical classes and projects, so as to learn a job made up of discovery, opening and creativity.

Engineering program syllabus


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