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Weekly schedule

Two half-days per week are given over to foreign languages and sport, in 2-hour slots, with at least 2 hours of foreign language(s) and 2 hours of sport per week:

- a student registered for sports competitions can thus take several 2-hour sports slots, while keeping at least one 2-hour slot for language(s);
- likewise, a student might choose to do 3 foreign languages, taking up three 2-hour slots and keeping just one for sport (NB: depending on schedule compatibility and whether courses are sufficiently signed-up to launch)

One half-day is dedicated to the study project which runs through 1st and 2nd year: this is a slot which each student organizes individually - meetings with partner corporations, group work, solo work ....

The other 7 half-days are taken up with lectures, practical classes, study bureaus and teaching classes.
Lectures are delivered to half the students of any given year (i.e., about 165 students). Classes are by groups of about 24. Practicals are organized with 2 or 3 groups of 3.

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