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The stages of the course

 The first two years of engineering studies are devoted to the core syllabus, the heart of general engineering training. This comprises :

foundation and advanced courses in five broad fields of study, mandatory for all students :

 mathematics -computer science
 mechanics - energetics
 electrical engineering
 matter - materials
 human sciences - management

spring-boards into industry with :

 a study project : 15 months' small-group project work on a topic put forward by a firm or a lab : introduction to project work and to a real work environment.
 an industrial project : 5 months' team-work, closely simulating industrial contract performance for a client firm
 an execution internship : 1 month's (minimum) full-time internship to learn how a company works
 an application internship : 2 months (minimum) in a firm, working as an engineer.

 In 3rd year, students make their specialization via a two-fold choice : 1 of 7 science electives, and 1 of 6 professional electives. Each elective can usually lead on to a Master of Science degree.

Science electives :
 Land transport
 Civil engineering and environment
 Informatics and communication
 Mathematics and decision-maths

 Professional electives :
 R&D engineer
 Design engineer
 Supply chain engineer
 Production engineer
 Business engineer
 Consulting engineer

The 3rd year can take place in another school within the Centrale Graduate School (also with an other options' offer), or in a partner institution in France or abroad. This may give lead to a double degree. 

Spring-boards into works :

 the end-of-studies work : 5 months' work in a firm or lab, culminating in a study of the highest scientific, technical and methodological level, defended in front of a jury.

 1-year out between 2nd and 3rd years : more than 20 % of students opt to take a full year out in a company just before their 3rd year; this constitutes a genuine first job and helps the students clarify their professional projects.

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