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How to get to Centrale Lyon

By train

Lyon Part-Dieu and Lyon Perrache are the two main railway stations in Lyon. Some trains stop at Perrache, some don't go farther than to Part-Dieu.

To get to Centrale Lyon, it is recommended to choose a train with a terminus in Lyon Perrache whose building houses a bus and a subway station. When arriving at Perrache, walk to the bus station and take the line 55 for a 20-minute ride to the terminus Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

If your train arrives at Lyon Part-Dieu, there are two ways to get to Centrale Lyon:

 In Part-Dieu station, check the departure times of the trains, which stop at Part-Dieu and then continue to Perrache: one only has to take one of these trains for a 10-minute journey to Perrache. Then take the line 55 as explained above.

 A less comfortable solution is to go first by the metro: in the Part-Dieu railway station take the B line going to Jean Macé, then get off at Saxe Gambetta" (2 stations farther) and take the D line going to Gorge de Loup. Get off four stations farther at Gorge de Loup which houses a bus station. You have now to take the bus line 3 going to Dardilly le Jubin for a 10-minute ride to Ecole Centrale de Lyon. The whole trip takes about 40 minutes.

Find out train lines and schedules, and book online at:
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By car

 From Paris by the motorway A6, exit at Ecully and go to Ecully centre to the center of Ecully (you will follow the route de Champagne then the avenue Edouard Aynard).

*In Ecully: when arriving at the place Charles de Gaulle (the church place), take the street rue Edouard Payen which then becomes avenue Guy de Collongue: Centrale Lyon is 2 minutes straightaway from the center of Ecully on the right side at the 36 avenue Guy de Collongue.

 From Paris by the highway 6, take the last section of the motorway A6 (free) near the village of La Garde (the motorway entry is on your right). Then follow the above instructions.

 From Marseille or Saint-Etienne by the motorway A7, follow direction Paris autoroute: you will meet the motorway A6. After the Fourvière road tunnel, take the fourth exit named Ecully, then go to Ecully centre and follow the above instructions in *Ecully.

 From Grenoble or Chambéry by motorway A43, take the northern ring road (TEO) and follow direction Paris. Exit at  Porte de Valvert and follow Paris autoroute: you are now on the motorway A6 and you will exit at Ecully and go to Ecully centre. Then follow the above instructions in *Ecully.

 From Bourg or Geneva by the motorway A42, take the northern ring road (TEO) and follow the above instructions.

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Lyon is connected to the following motorway networks:
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By plane

 If you land in Paris, take a TGV to Lyon at the railway station Gare de Lyon. It is recommended to choose a TGV with a terminus at the station Lyon - Perrache. Then follow the instructions about the way by train.

 If you land at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport, take the shuttle (find out the shuttle schedule online on the airport website: select Access, then Bus and then Lyon centre). The shuttle goes to the Perrache railway station where you will take the bus line 55 with terminus at Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

 Another solution is to land at the Geneva international airport. You will then take a TGV to Lyon Gare de Perrache.

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