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Document policy

To meet both teaching and research needs in Centrale Lyon, the Documentation Department makes available all of the paper and electronic documents which the School disposes of, and seeks to optimize access to top quality scientific information.


The School's central library is open - with user-friendly opening times - to all students, teachers, research, admin and technical staff, as well as to certain duly authorized outside users.
Readers enjoy direct access to our subject-indexed documentary resources, either for reference or for borrowing.
There is also an inter-library loan system enabling resources to be borrowed from laboratories or from other libraries in France or abroad. Readers can also obtain documentary advice or training in using data banks, on request.


Collections cover the fields of engineering science, with complementary resources relating to economics, finance, management and law, to meet the need for acquaintance with the business world. Since 2001, resources relating to current affairs and general knowledge have also been available, in the form of local and national press, and popular science and technical press.
These resources, intended to back up the School's teaching, were updated in 2001 and kept up to date since then.

To fully meet research requirements, on-line specialized data-base access and full-text versions of more than 3,000 scientific journals is available on all the terminals on campus. The School's teacher-researchers' publications are likewise available, and PhD theses have been digitized since 2003.

All of these resources are listed in the library catalog, which can be consulted on our intra-net, or via the Internet for outside users.


Our teaching and research resources are constantly growing, thanks to the means at the disposal of the library and those of the laboratories

The professional team of the Documentation Department works in liaison with teaching and research staff, so as to make documents fully available, wherever they may happen to be located on campus, thanks to constantly updated data tools. The School is determined to develop an effective document system, providing the department with state-of-the-art applications and digital supports. So that the School users get the full benefit of an extended documentary supply, the library networks with numerous other French and foreign libraries.


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