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Scientific excellence

Training by research

Business partnerships

Valorization and spin-off 

Strong labs, global repute

Being a general engineering school means carrying out research at a high level in a large number of scientific fields. Centrale Lyon runs a cogent and complete range of engineering science subjects. Our organization is such as to stimulate cross-fertilization between disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches.

Our laboratories are all under the aegis of the National Scientific Research Council (CNRS), combining fundamental and technological research. This guarantees them recognition at the highest scientific level in France and the world, and anchors them firmly in corporate reality.

Spearheads of corporate INNOVATION

Research is the prime source of innovation.
The School and its valorization subsidiary, Centrale Innovation, file patents and work on research contracts with businesses both big and small, and our researchers launch start-ups from the fruits of their research.
Contract work is a big part of our labs' activity (€6m p.a.).

Enterprising RESEARCHERS

Centrale Lyon encourages its labs to hatch start-ups, and the Auguste Moiroux Scientific Center is a source of valuable assistance in this regard.

Training for RESEARCH

Centrale Lyon is authorized to deliver doctorates. Every year, we train some 60 PhDs, who go out and bring their scientific rigor and creative spirit - developed over their explorations in new scientific fields - to the world of business.
Master of Science programs and PhDs


140 teacher-researchers
61 CNRS researchers
25 post-doctoral students
160 doctoral students
93 other research staff
550 scientific publications per year
12 patents in 5 years

Foreign Researchers

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 Foreign researchers
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Research centers

 ICJ : Camille Jordan Insitute (mathematics)
 LIRIS : Lyon Research Center for Images and Intelligent Information Systems
 LMFA : Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics
 LTDS : Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics
 AMPERE Laboratory (electrical, electromagnetic, automatic engineering, environmental micro biology, applications)
  INL : Insitute of Nanotechnologies of Lyon


 Head of research
Tél : +33(0)4 72 18 65 38
 Research management and valorisation
Elisabeth DALVERNY
Tél : +33(0)4 72 18 63 65

 CInnov : Centrale Innovation, Central Lyon's research valorisation subsidiary company


 ECLAT : PhD students' association
 CNRS : the French National Center for Scientific Research

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