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Partnerships in Europe


In1968, it was on the initiative of our students that Centrale Lyon signed the first agreement between a French and a German university - TH Darmstadt, now renamed T.U. D. Under the aegis of His Excellency Herr von Braun, the German Ambassador, and our Director Paul Comparat, a relationship that has now become a model of its kind thus first began.

Since then, nearly 500 French and German students have spent at least one academic year in the partner establishment. In September 2003, with sponsorship from the French and German Education Ministries, leading figures from the worlds of politics, business and academia came to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this agreement, confirming the interest of the double-degree courses that began in the late 80s. Presidents Boehm (1994) and Woerner (2003) both received honorary doctorates from Centrale Lyon.

Over and above training as such, laboratory teamwork continues to develop in the fields of fluid mechanics and electronics, with many new projects in the pipeline.

Since 1989, we have also been working with the Technical University of Berlin. And in 2000, a new agreement was signed with the Munich TU.

Many of our French graduates have worked in Germany, either at the start of their careers, thanks to their living knowledge of the two cultures, or also later on, shouldering responsibilities at the highest levels. And many German firms likewise work with us, and welcome our interns.

UFA funds students willing to study in Germany. Find out more information on the UFA website:


Three Spanish universities- UPC Barcelona, UPM and Pontificia Madrid - are in the TIME network with us. And so, many students have been able to take advantage of double degree courses or to do a third year in the partner country


Our main U.K. partner is Imperial College London, with whom we have regular exchanges. The Universities of Cambridge and Southampton also receive our 3rd year students for their Master's. Nearly 400 French and British students have been able to benefit from these exchanges. And research co-operation has developed with U.K. universities and companies.


Politecnico di Milano, Politecnico di Torino are two top rank universities who exchange with us; and then companies such as Fiat, Pirelli and Istituto Breda work with us on research projects, and provide internship opportunities for our students.


The technical universities of Lodz and Wraclaw have been partners of Centrale Lyon's since the early 80s. The universities of Wroclaw and Sczcecin were our first partners, with a specialized industrial engineering Master's. Today, double degree courses are on offer with Lodz and Wraclaw and a specialized Master's is available for Polish students from the Technical University of Wraclaw.

Much fruitful research has been conducted in teamwork with Lodz for more than 10 years now, in acoustics, fluid mechanics and tribology. And one of our teachers was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Lodz.


Following successful teamwork in tribology research, a framework collaboration agreement was signed with the Technical University of Bucharest - who also bestowed a doctorate in honoris causa on a teacher from the School. And the first Bucharest student got his double degree in 2003.


With help from the Foreign Ministry, the European Commission - under the TEMPUS projects - and the Embassy, our training is backed up by French corporations, who regularly call on us for new modules. Our partner here is the famous State Technical University of Moscow-Bauman, with whom we have been working since the 90s. Since 1999, our students and Bauman's have been taking double degree courses. Denis Dhelf was the first student from Western Europe to get a double degree from a Russian technical University (Centrale Lyon / MSTU-Bauman), and we are now receiving Russian students on a regular basis.

Research collaboration, joint Ph.D. supervision and internships are becoming ever more common, and a new phase was entered into in October 2003 when a partnership agreement was signed, in the presence of the French and Russian Ministers, in the field of technology transfer and technological innovation management. Mme Haigneré, the French Minister of Research - who was present at the signing - and the French Ambassador both gave their strong support to this initiative.

Fundamental research partnerships also exist with Lomonossov University.


Since the mid-90s, Centrale Lyon has been actively involved in training Ukrainian engineers, with a specialized industrial engineering Master's delivered jointly with the Technical University of Kharkov - where one of our teachers was made Doctor in Honoris Causa. Collaboration at the level of training has been extended to the Kiev Civil Aviation University, where SNECMA Moteurs has helped some of our students' projects to be carried out in teamwork with Ukrainian students.
Anne Zucco is in charge of partnerships in Russia and Ukraine.

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