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Partnerships and networks

A tight-woven academic network

Centrale Lyon has developed a tight-woven and effective network of partner universities, helping us promote our student exchanges and research and meet the requirements of business. In all five continents you will find our partners among the most prestigious universities, and you will find our students and graduates too. Based on relations of mutual recognition and a shared strategy of progress, our partnerships consistently give pride of place to human relations and sharing of cultural experience.

Centrale Lyon and China: a long story

Since the first Chinese students came to us in 1980, Centrale Lyon has enjoyed an ever-growing level of exchange with China, with support from big business.
It was Centrale Lyon that was behind the "4+4" accords which, since 1996, have tied the 4 Ecoles Centrales of Centrale Graduate School with 4 prestigious Chinese universities: Tsinghua in Beijing, and Jiaotong in Shanghai, Xi'an and Chengdu...more

Long-term teamwork with business

Companies have accompanied Centrale Lyon on our journey out into the world from the very start. Co-operation takes all kinds of forms, from grants to pay for an engineering student's stay abroad, to the creation of customized training modules. Here are a few examples:

Recruitment of double-degree graduates
The School's corporate partners take a close interest in the global experiences of our engineering students, and they regularly come on campus to stress how important they consider the double degree system to be, associating as it does a double culture, geographically speaking, with a double syllabus - one general (that's Centrale Lyon!), and the other more specialized.
Firms welcome our students on their various sites all over the world. Take, for example, our partnership of more than 20 years' duration with the Japanese company IHI, who take a number of 2nd-year students on internships in Japan every year.

Training high-potential executives
Companies are more and more on the lookout for fully operational multicultural executives. To meet this demand, the School has developed Master's programs for young foreign graduates or for industrial executives who already have a good grounding in the corporate world.
This kind of program can also be made-to-measure. Alstom, for example, asked for a degree course in electrical engineering for Chinese engineers from some of our partner universities there. The graduates from this program are currently at work in China itself, helping Alstom to get set up there.

Research and technology transfer
Our international research contracts are often executed in partnership with corporations, in the form of consortiums receiving European finance. Businesses also contribute as active partners in joint work going on between universities or labs: such is the case with SNECMA, G.E. and CFM, in a collaboration project between Centrale Lyon and M.I.T. and the Kiev Civil Aviation University.
Technology transfer is one of the School's priority development axes, in close collaboration with business and the public authorities. Our offices in Shenzhen (China) and in Moscow are especially dynamic in this area.

Academic partners

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