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Faculties, research Units and departments location on the campus

Research Units (UR)

  AMPERE laboratory
Site: H9

 INL = Nanotechnologies Institute of Lyon
Site: F7 - (Ground floor, 1st, 2nd anf 4th floor)

LIRIS = Lyon Research Center for Images and Intelligent Information Systems
Site: E6 (2nd floor)

LMFA = Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics
Sites of the related research teams:
 Acoustique (chambres anécoïdale et réverbérante)- E6 (Basement)
 Turbulence et stabilité, Fluides complexes et transferts - I11
 Turbomachines- J12
Centre Acoustique - KCA

LTDS = Laboratory of Tribology and Systems Dynamics
Sites of the related research teams:
 Dynamique des systèmes et des structures (D2S) - E6 (Ground floor and 1st floor)
 Mécanique des Sols et Géomatériaux - G8
 Tribologie analytique, Topographie des surfaces et abrasion, Tribologie des matériaux, Force de frottement, Mécanismes - H10

 ICJ = Camille Jordan Institute
Site: E6 (2nd floor)

Faculties (DER)

CLES = Communication, Languages, Enterprise studies and Sports
Site: D5 (1st floor)

EEA = Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Control Engineering
Sites of the related teaching teams:
 Electronique - F7 (1st and 2nd floor)
 Electrotechnique Automatique Traitement du signal - H10

MFAE = Fluid Mechanics, Acoustics and Energetics
Sites of the related teaching teams:
 Mécanique des fluides - I11
 Energétique - J12
 Acoustique - KCA

MI = Mathematics and Computer Science
Site: E6 (2nd floor)

MSGMGC = Solid Mechanics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering
Sites of the related teaching teams:
 Dynamique mécanique, Mécanique des vibration - E6 (Ground floor and 1st floor)
 Mécanique des soldes, Génie Civil - G8
 Conception, Fabrication Mécanique - H10 (entrance on the H10 right side)

STMS = Materials Sciences and Surface Engineering
Sites of the related teaching teams:
 Matériaux Mécanique Physique (MMP) - D4 (Ground floor, 1st and 2nd floor) - D5 (2nd floor)
 Physicochimie des Interfaces (PCI) - F7 (3rd floor)
 Physique des Matériaux - F7 (4th floor)
 Matériaux Surfaces Tribologie (MST) - H10

Departments, facilities

 Reception, mail, switchboard - R6 (36, avenue Guy de Collongue, Ecully)

 APECLY (personnel association) - W1 (Ground floor)

 Stores - Y20

 Audiovisual facilities - W1 (Ground floor)

 Library - S3

 IT resource center - F7 (Ground floor)

 Communication - D5 (2nd floor)

 Accounts department - ( Ground floor)

 Finance department - ( Ground floor)

 Kitchen - M14

 General affairs department - Z2 (1st floor)

 Head of Technical services - site Q3

 Professional training - W1 (Ground floor)

 Students' association and center - M16

 Research management and valorization department - 64 "chemin des Mouilles", Ecully

 CLI: Centrale Lyon's research valorization subsidiary company - 64 "chemin des Mouilles", Ecully

  Auguste Moiroux Scientific Center - 64 "chemin des Mouilles" , Ecully

 Gymnasium- M15

 Infirmary and health center - U (Paul Comparat residence ground floor)

 Laundry - M14 (entrance 51 "chemin des Mouilles")

 Refectory - M14 (R de C, entrance 51 "Chemin des Mouilles", Ecully)

 Business relations department - D5 (2nd floor)

 International relations department : Initial programs- W1 (1st floor)  and Z2 (1st floor)

 Human resources department - Z2 ( ground floor)

 Courses department - Z2 (1st floor)

 Health and safety - Q3

 Documentation department and library - S3

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