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Engineering program : range of admissions

Admission on qualifications under partnerships (TIME) or agreements

1st year entrance to the engineering course with a view to taking a Centrale Lyon degree is restricted to students who have done at least 2 years in their home university. The selected students follow the 2-year core syllabus, completed by 2 further years, to sit for a double degree.

The 3rd year of the engineering course is open to auditors sitting for a - Diplôme d'Etudes Supérieures d'Option (Higher Option-Studies Degree). This syllabus does not lead to a Centrale Lyon degree.

Admission on qualifications other than under partnerships

1st year entrance to the engineering course is open to students holding a French Licence (B.Sc. ) or the equivalent.

Admission to specific programs

Specific corporate partnerships may entail certain students being admitted to the engineering course. This is, for example, the case with the current agreement between the School and SNECMA: in 2003-04, the School took in fifteen carefully selected Chinese students.

Partnershipes and agreement

Year 2008

358 engineering students:

 competitive entry: 288
(121 MP, 2 MP international, 61 PC, 80 PSI, 3 TSI, 21 Banque PT)

 admission on qualifications outside any agreement: 6

 admission under partnerships or agreements: 53

 admission to specifics programs: 12 Chinese students

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