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Centrale Graduate School

An alliance between the five Ecoles Centrale

Centrale Lyon is a member of Centrale Graduate School, which was set up in 1990 as an alliance of institutions with a shared culture, seeking to boost their profile on the global stage.

The five Ecoles Centrale (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, and Paris) have a shared vision of high-level training for general engineers, and they pursue shared goals via the Centrale Graduate School:

 Harmonizing teaching projects and recruitment, in France and abroad,
 Student exchanges (especially in 3rd year), on a basis of complementarity,
 Coordinating research policy,
 Extending collaboration with business,
 Developing international relations policies,
 Promoting the Centrale concept in France and abroad.


With its 600 full-time and 2,000 part-time teachers, 280 research workers, over 1,500 engineering graduates per year and a an alumni network that alreaday counts 30,000 engineers, senior executives and managers, the Centrale Graduate School is on a scale to match the biggest European or American universities.

A new trust

The teams of the five members of Centrale Graduate School work in close co-operation. This has proved especially effective in terms of international relations (as witness the 4+4 agreement between Centrale Graduate School and four prestigious Chinese universities). Centrale Graduate School functions both for the staff and for the students (with joint events organized by the Students' Associations Boards) and graduates.

Centrale Pekin

Centrale Beijing
opened as Beihang Sino-French Engineering School on September 2006.

Centrale Graduate School is expanding
, to take in new Schools, in France and then abroad. To ensure the success of this expansion, the five current member Schools have laid down a fifteen-point definition of what makes an Ecole Centrale. These criteria screen all new general engineering schools liable to join Centrale Graduate School.

Centrale Graduate School


Centrale Lyon 



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