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Partner schools and universities outside the TIME network

Foreign universities which signed a partnership agreement with Centrale Lyon for a double degree scheme on the TIME model.

Foreign universities which don't share exchange agreement with ECL. Registration fees are required.
Students are awarded a ECL degree at the outcome of  a program comprising 2 years at Centrale Lyon and one year or more abroad to take a high level foreign degree (usually a Master of Science).

List of universities which have already accepted Centrale Lyon students:

The United-States

Cornell University
Pennsylvania State University
Stanford University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Duke University
M.I.T. (very specific agreements)
Columbia University

NB: Centrale Lyon a des accords avec Carneggie Mellon à Pittsburgh et avec GeorgiaTech à Atlanta.


University of Cambridge
University of Southampton
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medecine *
University of Cranfield
University of Manchester
University of Warwick

* accueille régulièrement des centraliens de Lyon mais ne délivre pas de diplôme (les élèves relèvent donc des décisions du Jury ECL)

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