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The TIME network

TIME: Top Industrial Managers for Europe

In 1992, Centrale Lyon joined the TIME network (Top Industrial Managers for Europe), set up in 1989 by 16 European universities on the initiative of Ecole Centrale de Paris. The network - whose aim is to train bi-cultural European engineers - today comprises 33 universities and Schools renowned for the excellence of their scientific and technical training

Top Industrial Managers Europe

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The TIME program

With support from the European Union, TIME ensures recognition of degrees from the very best European and worldwide courses, putting the accent on globalizing recruitment in the partner Schools and Universities. TIME offers European students the chance to take a double engineering degree: their home institution's, plus one from whichever foreign university they have chosen.

Centrale Lyon students and students from the corresponding university are thus awarded a double degree at the outcome of a common program comprising 2 years at Centrale Lyon and two abroad.

Global recognition of degrees naturally leads to an opening on to the world as a whole. And so the network is currently being extended to the Americas, Eastern Europe and Japan.

Academic partners

North Africa


Argentina, Brazil

China, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam

Germany, Spain, U.K., Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine

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